Constant Cravings

I feel like I’ve had a never ending hunger all day. I hate days like this. Especially when they consist of terrible sweet cravings which I end up attemping to satisfy in unsatisfactory ways that end up failing and leaving me regretful of my food choices. But I guess I’ll just have to let it go as a mistake and do better tomorrow.
I also managed to get a good 40 minute treadmill jog in without coughing and did some strength training stuff right when I woke up as well, so at least I managed to balanace out some of the less than healthy eating with some good exercise.

I’m doing a whole day in one post today as I didn’t get around to doing any updates earlier.
Breakfast started out with a small cheese tortilla wrap bite-size thing that was in the fridge and followed with a few bites of leftover chicken from the other night. Oops. So I kept my main part small with some pumpkin and yogurt mixed with raisins and fiber one.

My mom also saved me a piece of carrot cake that she brought home from her shower last night that I had to try, so I cut the piece in half and enjoyed it slowly after my breakfast. It was well worth it.

My midmorning Snack that I ate during my three hour cultures class was a Cherry Pie Larabar. I have to admit, I’ve only tried two different kinds of Larabars before but I don’t really think I’m a huge fan! I don’t mind them, don’t get me wrong, but there are many other bars out there that I much prefer. Maybe I just need to try more Larabar flavours before I completely rule them out though.

For Lunch I started out with half of a cut up zucchini. Followed by more leftover chicken noodle dinner from the other night. I portioned out a bit into a bowl and heated it up, but also ate some straight from the container cold…oops. Then I had a bowl of cabbage, mushrooms and carrots with italian dressing and dijonnaise.

Of course I wanted something sweet after that. So I went for some frozen fruit, hoping that would satisfy the craving.

Of course it didn’t so I tried a few bites of yogurt. No dice. So then I did the really smart thing of diving into the Reese’s Puffs cereal box which I regretfully have in my cupboard. I wish I could just throw it out but I don’t think my mother would be very pleased. Apparently she bought it because she thought my brother liked it. And yet I’m the only one that has eaten anything out of it. Sigh. Anyway, so I ate straight from the box. And ended up on a cereal binge bigger than I have experienced in a long time. It was quite depressing. I just couldn’t end it. Stupid Puffs.

Dinner I tried to be include lots of veggies with, so I had an egg white mixed with salsa and FF sour cream, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. Then I had a bowl of cabbage, spinach and tomato with salsa, sour cream and balsamic vinegar. It filled me up alright, and with much difficulty I resisted eating anything else sweet after finishing, opting instead for my favourite tea with some splenda. It helped to satisfy the sweet craving.


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