Feeling Fresh and a Forgotten Dinner!

I think the antibiotics I got are seriously helping. I hardly feel the need to cough or blow my nose a million times this morning! It’s lovely. And I slept SO much last night. I watched a movie after dinner and then ended up falling asleep after it for a good couple of hours. Then I woke up for maybe an hour and a half and then went to bed and slept for around another 10 hours. I feel well rested and I hope that will help me greatly.

But since I fell asleep so early I just didn’t have the energy to post my dinner. SO here it is:

It was a recipe out of Kraft that included chicken, butternut squash, red pepper and broccoli covered in light Cheez Whiz over egg noodles. Okay, so probably not the healthiest thing ever with the Cheez Whiz but the calories were pretty good and it was darn tasty. I went back for that second helping. Shouldn’t have but couldn’t resist.
I also ended up eating a small bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream after my nap that we bought yesterday as a treat since we never get ice cream. It was well worth it.

This morning I had… well, some of the leftover dinner from last night. Eaten straight out of the container which was a bad call but I tried not too eat too much of it, just a few bites.
My main breakfast was some blended up frozen banana, strawberry and peach with vanilla yogurt and unsweetened almond milk. I really had a smoothieish craving this morning so that worked out perfectly.

Now I am going to go test out my cold status by doing a short go on the treadmill. Hopefully that’ll work out fine for me and the coughing will stay away :)


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