Wandering in Flats!

Warmest day of the year yet, no doubt! It’s beautiful out, the sun is shining, and the snow is practically gone. I’m SO excited to see spring finally coming after such a very VERY long winter. I even went grocery shopping in flats! Which was something I would not have been able to do even a week ago. The ground is dry and the air is mildy warm and it’s just too darn exciting for words.

My snack today consisted of some mushrooms and carrots with hummus and dijonnaise. That was good but I still felt a little hungry so I also had a small bowl of FF cottage cheese.

For Lunch I had a bowl of lettuce topped with a couple tomatoes and some tzaziki and balsamic vinegar on top. I also had a few bites of bread and crackers with salsa. Didn’t photograph that one.

After that I had a bowl of frozen raspberries with some vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip Free on top.

I also managed to get in a workout today with coughing up a lung! Well, I did cough quite a bit at the beginning but I managed to get through it okay. I chose to do a 1 hour Taebo cardio video because I know the cardio isn’t too intense so it doesn’t affect my breathing too badly. I also gave in and picked up the antibiotics for this stupid sickness. I really hope they fix it. And FAST.


One thought on “Wandering in Flats!

  1. Hi my name is Naomi and I am Billy Blanks Personal Asst. I read your blog about doing an hour of Tae Bo. Thank you, please contact me as I would like send you a gift as a way to say Thank you for working out with Billy.



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