Sunny Days

I feel slightly more alive today. Let’s hope this means the dreaded cold is coming to an end? I’ll mention it at my doctor’s appointment today anyway, just in case it’s something other than the standard cold, since it sure seems to be.

Breakfast today was some pumpkin and vanilla yogurt mixed with cinnamon, Fibre One and raisins. And half an orange on the side of course. Plus some ginger mint tea. Filling and satisfying.

Now it’s time to attempt some kind of workout, which could be difficult. I think I’ll stick with some strength training, that doesn’t mess with my breathing too much compared to cardio.


One thought on “Sunny Days

  1. So glad you’re feeling better girl! Hope your workout went well! Your blogging buds are so glad to have you back :) :) :)

    Happy Friday!!

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