Early Eating

I decided to have my lunch much earlier than normal. No idea why, except that I felt hungry and what started out as a snack ended up having three different parts and being somewhat larger than a snack, thus being lunch. I’ll probably have something else small in a couple hours.

But anyway, the lunch of sorts started off with a piece of whole wheat tortilla spread with avocado and salsa.
The second, and main, part was egg whites with salsa and spinach, topped with a bit of tzaziki.

And the third and final part was a piece of sweet potato that I had leftover in the fridge, heated up and topped with some more salsa and tzaziki. I mixed some really spicy salsa in with all of these dishes as well, since spicy stuff is supposed to be a good cold fighter and all!

I know these dishes don’t exactly look appetizing or pretty in any form, looking rather like bundles of mush, but they tasted pretty darn decent.


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