Cough Cough

I think one of the worst things about this hellish cold, aside from the constant coughing up lungs and nose blowing, is the fact that I can hardly exercise. I can’t do anything the slightest bit strenuous because I can’t breathe and go into coughing fits. I’ve done a bit of strength stuff/weights and I just finished some walking on the treadmill, but I really want to do something more intense. I’ve hardly been able to work out for several days now and I’m feeling pretty gross about it. I’m kind of worried that this cold is more than the standard cold. I’ve literally never had one this bad. Well, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow anyway so I just might have to bring this up and see if they will look further into it. Sigh.

My breakfast was half an orange and a bowl of yogurt with frozen banana and frozen berries. I also stirred in about a tbsp of almond butter a little later. I had some ginger mint tea along with that as well. Apparently ginger is supposed to be great for colds. Let’s hope that’s true.  I’m pretty desparate here!


2 thoughts on “Cough Cough

  1. Ginger is definitely great for colds. When I’m sick, I like to slice up about 1/4″ of ginger and steep it in simmering water for about 20 minutes. It makes a great ginger tea that will have you back on your feet in no time. If you can’t handle the strong ginger flavor, add a little honey. Hope you feel better soon!

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