Soup = Super Food

No pics from the rest of the day. I didn’t really have a lunch persay. I snacked on a bit of dry cereal, some frozen banana and some FF cottage cheese at random times in the day.

For dinner I went for Vietnamese food with a friend. I had one shrimp spring roll and a nice, big bowl of some kind of spicy chicken noodle soup. It was wonderful and felt like the perfect sick food. Chicken noodle soup is already said to be great for colds, right? So make it spicy to kill them ugly bacteria and you’ve got the perfect meal. I also splurged on a strawberry bubble because they are delicious and I knew the sweet, cold drink would be a nice treat for my aching throat. I also had a couple bites of my friend’s chocolate cheesecake that we got at the little cafe we stopped at after dinner. I got peppermint tea. I’ve been chugging the teas and liquids back all day. I really hope I wake up tomorrow morning feeling a little better. Ugh.


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