Sun is Shining

Beautiful day. Except for the snow, but at least it looks kinda pretty…haha

Today for breakfast I really wanted a poached egg. So even though I really have no idea how to make one, I did it anyway. I don’t think it could really be called poached, but it tasted good and was dippy for my rye toast so I was happy.
I also had half a banana with some almond butter.


And because I didn’t post any of my food yesterday
I had a lot of junk yesterday. Way more than I wanted to. But once in a while those days just kind of have to happen I guess… I didn’t photograph any of the junk though. I guess it wasn’t worthy haha.

I had scrambled egg whites with salsa and spinach, with half an orange on the side for breakfast.
was chopped up vegetables. As per usual.
Dinner was a Gardenburger on a slice of rye with some goat cheese, dijonnaise, tomato and spinach. I LOVE Gardenburgers. Mmm. One of my favourite dinners.
Notice how my meals are pretty much all eaten in the same place. Sitting at my kitchen table. Haha.
I definitely had more food than just these three meals. Don’t remember the extent of it though.



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