One Down

I managed to finally finish one of my essays today! I have another to start that is due next Tuesday but I really have no idea if it will actually end up being due, or due on that same due date or what because of the part time staff strike that is going on. Our TAs that mark the essays are all part of the part-timers and therefore clearly not doing any marking… ugh. I really wish I knew what the deal was with that essay (and really hope that I won’t have to write it at all…)

Today I had a fairly light breakfast because I knew I would be eating a portion of the apple crumb pudding I made last night. Not healthy in the least but SO delicious. I’ve had a bit too much of it today… ugh.
So I had some yogurt with frozen banana and berries, and half of an orange. And then a small serving of the apple crumb pudding heated in the microwave and topped with some unsweetened Almond Breeze. SO worth it.

For lunch I had 1/4 of a tortilla filled with some leftover butternut squash and kale. This gave me a tasty few bites. It was pretty tiny. I also munched on too many vegetable chips straight out of the bag. They weren’t even that great. Definitely NOT worth it. Oops. And I had a small salad with some mushrooms and carrots on the side.

Soon after I ate a few cookie crumbles and a couple more small bites of the apple crumb pudding. I need to get rid of this darn sweet tooth. Or stop satisfying it so often haha.


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