Strike’s On

    So there is a strike going on at my university as of this morning. It’s a strike on the part of the part-time contract staff, which make up 1/3 of the university’s staff. Problem is, I’m not quite sure which of my classes are run by part-time staff. And the ones I’m most unsure of are the two classes which I have today. Problematic? Sort of. I didn’t end up going to the class I have this morning, which is going on at this very moment in fact. The prof talked about it last week and it sounded like if there was a strike the class would not be going on? But I have no idea. I guess I’ll find out if I actually missed the class later on. I’ll probably head to school this afternoon though to see if my afternoon lecture will still be going on or not. I have a feeling it’s not, which is a pain for me to drive over there only to find out I don’t need to be there, but since I don’t really know anyone else in that class or know anyone to contact, that seems like the only way. I suppose I could try emailing the prof, but he’s slightly scary and I didn’t go to class last week and he probably mentioned it then and he’ll probably be an ass about it or something so I’ll just rule out that option haha.

But with this morning pause I have been able to sit around the kitchen with a nice bowl of oatmeal, catching up on some email reading etc, without having to rush out of the house by 8:00. Nice chance of pace for a Wednesday morning.
I think this morning’s oatmeal was one of the best I’ve had yet! It was perfectly sweet and a great texture. My guess is the use of the unsweetened original Almond Breeze, which I don’t usually add in, but added a little over 1/4 cup today. I also added in some cinnamon, splenda and banana. I topped it with a few chopped almonds but ended up taking them off soon after. I enjoyed the creaminess more without the added crunch in there.


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