My appetite came back with a vengeance as soon as I arrived in my morning class. Luckily I had a Fiber One bar in my purse that I quickly ate to tame my growling stomach (I took the picture yesterday since I was planning on eating this yesterday but never got around to it. Hence the different lighting).


Unfortunately this sure didn’t do much for me though. By the end of the less than an hour class my stomach was audibly growling. I felt like the people across the room could probably hear it. Awkward…
So I rummaged through the fridge as soon as I got home and after a tiny bowl of spinach with a sprinkling of feta, I warmed myself up some leftover dijon chicken with a little balsamic vinegar on top, and a cup of tea.
I soon decided that it needed some crunchy greens along with it, so I stuffed the chicken into some kale leaves. Fully satisfying and now I am stuffed. Too bad it’s still early in the morning and I know I am going to be wanting lunch soon enough. I don’t understand my crazy appetite the past little while? Strange…


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