Yeah, it’s one of those stressful times of year. Mainly because I managed to slack on all of my school work for the past while and now I am quite behind. And yet, still don’t have much motivation to catch up or actually try. But I have to write these two stupid papers and I’m running out of time. Oh sigh. That among other things that have been bothering me a bit lately… I think I just need to sort through my thoughts and organize my priorities. I can do it! Three cheers for enthusiasm now…

Breakfast today was a smoothie. No mango left though, so it consisted of frozen banana, cherry yogurt and unsweetened almond milk. It was pretty darn tasty. For the last few sips I threw in some Special K Vanilla Almond for some added crunch. Smoothies with cereal taste super good. I think, though, that this morning I was enjoying the smoothie completely plain!
When I got home from my morning class I was inevitably hungry, as I always seem to be at that time of the morning. I finished off the other half of my blood orange from yesterday, then decided to finish off the leftover tuna in the fridge. I mixed it with FF sour cream and dijon mustard, and then stuffed it into some kale leaves. I was also craving some sweets and I knew we had that stupid Dairy Milk cake in the freezer so I had one bite’s worth with a dollop of light Cool Whip.

My lunch ended up being some leftover tomato couscous mixed with salsa and dijon, mushrooms, spinach, and baby tomatoes. I had half of a mini pita and a handful of baby carrots with 1 tbsp of hummus on the side.
My later snack consisted of frozen tropical fruit and the leftover cherry yogurt with some mixed cereals thrown in. Inevitably I managed to snack on a few handfuls of cereal straight out of the box. I really wish I could stop that terrible habit…


Dinner tonight (not pictured) was sushi out with a friend. I got a california roll and a plate of edamame. Plus I had one piece of her much less healthy roll (don’t remember the name of it) and a few bites of her grilled eggplant. Oh, and two mini spring rolls. Amazing how easily those little bite-sizers can just slip your mind…
We also went out for bubble tea after that. Bad call. I was full already and after that I was STUFFED. I ordered a small, but it was sickeningly sweet and clearly loaded with sugar, plus tapoica pearls and fruit jellies. Oh well, it’s a very occasional treat that I always enjoy when I have it. Usually moreso than this time since this flavour was much too sweet. I’ll remember for next time not to order the strawberry kiwi… yikes.


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