Sit Around Sunday

Yep, it’s Sunday, one of those laze around days. I was supposed to spend most of it doing homework, considering all the papers I have to write and readings I have to do. But I managed to slack off through most of it, surprise surprise. I did eventually manage to work on one of my papers a bit though. Not nearly enough, but such is my ways.

Last night I ended up coming down with a pretty bad cold right out of the blue, so I woke up today feeling less than perfect. So for breakfast, I decided I was feeling for a fresh and fruity smoothie. Seemed like a good way to feed the cold. It was banana and mango with vanilla yogurt and Unsweetened Original Almond Breeze. I’ve never tried the banana-mango combo in a smoothie before but I really enjoyed it! It is now going to be one of my regularly consumed smoothie flavours I think.
For a snack I had a few strawberries with some cool whip light on top.

Lunch was a bowl of brightly coloured vegetables topped with a sour cream, dijon, balsamic dressing. I also mixed in some shredded cabbage but I had to take a picture beforehand because the bowl just looked so darn lovely and picturesque.
I also had a mini pita with some tuna and spinach stuffed inside.

Post lunch I had a sliver of frozen Dairy Milk cake and 1/2 of a blood orange. (First time trying a blood orange. Verdict? Tasty! It seemed to me like a milder, less tangy orange. Sort of like a cross between an orange and a grapefruit maybe) Didn’t bother photographing the cake since I basically just took some tiny bites right out of the container. Bad habit, I know.

My midafternoon snack ended up being a slew of bites of things. I had intended on only having something small but I found myself still starving and with a while to go before dinner. Too long for my appetite to wait. I ended up eating a mini pita with a dip of hummus, a quarter of a tortilla with salsa and sour cream, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, a hunk of cucumber and a hunk of red pepper. The veggies at the end really ended up satisfying my hunger the best. I must remember to eat veggies FIRST when I want a snack. If those don’t satisfy, then I can move on to the other foods. Yeesh.

Dinner was a new recipe out of ‘Crazy Plates’, an apple dijon chicken recipe. It was good! It tasted just like Thanksgiving, probably because of the thyme that the recipe called for. I also had a little bit of white bread (I just can’t resist the fresh white bread that my mother insists she can’t resist at the grocery store…) and some cooked beans and broccoli raab.

After dinner I had a few more strawberries topped with a dollop of Cool Whip Light. Then a bowl of mixed Guardian and Kashi Honey Puffed cereal with some vanilla yogurt. I felt right full after all that.
Until about an hour later that is, when my brothe got home and started rummaging through the fridge for some eats. Power of suggestion… I suddenly felt hungry again. So I had a couple bites of the leftover chicken and… a couple more bites of that damn Dairy Milk cake. I could just kick my mother for buying that stupid thing. I cannot have things like that in the house! My self control just isn’t strong enough! Ah!


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