Sunny Days

We’ve had straight sunny days all week! It’s making me so happy, I feel like their hasn’t been sun in months.

So pictures today, I managed to get breakfast, lunch AND dinner! None of the snacks, sweets or munching… but the main features are there.

Breakfast was an english muffin with about 1.5 tsp SF jam and some sliced frozen banana, along with an orange on the side. This was a little different for me since I haven’t had an english muffin for breakfast in who knows HOW long. I felt for it today for some reason though. And it was quite good!


When I got home from my morning class I snacked on some cottage cheese and almond tofu. A little too much…

Lunch was a big ol salad topped with some bagged feta. I also had a piece of whole wheat tortilla with some hummus and salsa on it, warmed up. Love that combo.

Dinner was some cooked mushrooms, tomatoes and broccoli raab with a bit of balsamic vinegar, then layed on top of some tomato couscous with a splash of italian dressing and a little salsa mixed in.

Other foods for the day included some bites of cookie and frozen cake (very small bites though!), a small piece of LF brownie…some yogurt with frozen fruit, an apple… I think that might have been it. Yeah okay so I had too many sweets today. No good, but I’ll try to smarten up tomorrow!


One thought on “Sunny Days

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