Big One

So I haven’t updated in several days. And I definitely don’t remember every meal from those days off the top of my head. But I did manage to snap a few pictures over the past few days, so I will post them up just for a review of a few of the meals I had. I usually manage to get a picture of breakfast and a snack. Lunch is a sometimes thing and dinner seems to almost never happen. No good! I’ll work on it though.

From March 7:
Breakfast was pumpkin yogurt with raisins and some cereal sprinkled on top, plus some pineapple on the side (and clearly one piece on top as well). And a cup of tea. Not sure what kind it was! Plus my mini pile of daily vitamins :)
A little while after breakfast I was still a bit hungry so I decided to finish off the cottage cheese in the fridge.

March 9: We had a crazy snowfall the night before! We broke the snow record, getting more snow I think than we’ve had in over 100 years? Something insane like that.

For breakfast I had some oatmeal with banana, cinnamon and brown sugar. It was tasty. But I love yogurt in my oatmeal so after a few bites, I decided to mix some vanilla yogurt in. The perfect touch.

For lunch I had my typical salad with some feta sprinkled on top.

I actually got a picture of dinner too! I made some winter and butternut squash soup with kale. Yum! And a few kashi crackers on the side. A perfect Sunday night meal and SO filling.
And today, March 10:
I had early class today so I had a small bowl of yogurt with banana and blueberries for a quick early morning breakfast. Then when I got home from class I had a small bowl of mixed cereal (All Bran Guardian, All Bran Strawberry and Special K Vanilla Almond) with some vanilla yogurt and skim milk, along with a cup of green tea.

Didn’t manage to get the rest of my day but it was a full school today so my eating was pretty all over the place. Oh well!


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