Mall Milling

I spent a good portion of my day at the mall today. Fortunately a good portion of my day’s food was not mall food. Unfortunately some was. And it didn’t even need to be. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Breakfast: An egg white omelette with spinach, tomato and greek feta. With grapefruit on the side. I also had a cup of my delicious English Toffee tea. Yum!

Lunch: A veg bowl of shredded cabbage, carrots, tomato, cucumber and mushroom topped with dijon, balsamic, and cucumber dressing. And a half slice of rye with a tbsp of hummus and salsa heated.
I also had a few bites of yogurt with pumpkin after this as I was still a bit hungry and craving something sweet. No picture though.

Don’t have any dinner pictures as it was quite random and eaten all over the place. I had some glazed carrots at the mall, which were quite tasty and very lightly glazed so I hardly think they were a bad choice. I planned on having the rest of my dinner once I got home. And I did follow through with this plan, except I made the mistake of bringing home 3/4 of my friend’s gyro that she did not want to finish. Oops. I also had planned on giving that to my brother. Yeah, that didn’t follow through.
I had a small bowl of rice, chicken and vegetables off the stove that my mom had made for her dinner. I should have quit there but I really wanted to try a few bites of the gyro. It looked so good… and tasted even better. I ended up eating the majority of it. I threw out a good portion of the meat and some of the whole wheat pita, but I still ate a lot more of it than I wanted to.
Plus I followed all of that off with a few sticks of Pocky and a small bowl of yogurt with some frozen banana, brown sugar, and Corn Pops. Nice combo eh? Not. Who knows why I felt the need to do that? So this day ended on a slight off-note. Sigh.


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