In the Groove

Today I managed to snap photos for two of my meals plus a snack! I’m so on top of things today! Haha. Wishful thinking much? And I hardly did any non-tracked eating. I stayed within my limits. And that’s including a couple of small chocolately indulgences! (No photos on those… too bad, they were lovely hehe. Although wouldn’t have been very lovely photographed since they were mainly bits and crumbles)

Breakfast was a quick bite as I was in a rush to leave extra early for school. I had to get there earlier to write a test that I missed when I was sick and the weather and therefore road conditions were terrible so required extra driving time factored in.
About 3/4 of a banana (There was a 1/2 banana and then another 1/4 sitting in the basket that I ate both of – people in this house don’t seem to want to eat whole bananas at a time), a boiled egg with some black pepper and a cup of blueberry green tea. Plus my mini pile of vitamins and my stomach pill so I don’t have another recurrence of my painful weekend horrors. Oh boy.

The breakfast tided me over for the duration of the test, but once I got home and shovelled the driveway I was soon starving. So I had a quick snack of the tiny amount of leftover Honey Nut Cheerios in the cupboard with a splash of unsweetened original Almond Milk. Sided that with a cup of my favourite tea flavour of the moment, English Toffee. Mmmm. They call it dessert tea for a very valid reason!


Lunch was, as always, a big bowl of cut of veggies. This time the dressing was a splash of balsamic, a bit of dijon mustard, and about a tbsp of light cucumber dressing. Plus about half an ounce of delicious greek feta thrown on.


I was craving something sweet once that was done so I mixed up some vanilla yogurt with the leftover strawberries and blackberries we had in the fridge, and topped it all off with a little bit of Strawberry All Bran cereal. Not the greatest cereal I’ve ever had and won’t be buying it again, but it’s a decent yogurt topper to add a little crunch.

Dinner didn’t get photos, sadly. I completely forgot about it, but I really would have liked to get some, it looked so tasty! I had a Gardenburger on a slice of rye with one Kraft FF single, some tomato, dijonnaise and spinach. I love this dinner. I also had one perogie with some FF sour cream and a bowl of shredded cabbage topped with sour cream and salsa.

Oh! And my chocolate bites: In the AM I had a couple spoons of brownie crumbs while transferring a pan of brownies to a container to be put in the freezer.  Then after dinner I had slightly larger than a sliver of a piece of the most delicious frozen Dairy Milk cake, warmed in the microwave. SO good.

I’m still feeling a little hungry at this point though, so I’m thinking I might have to grab an apple. I believe it will fit into my food budget for the day just fine though, so I’ll enjoy it guilt free haha.


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