A Rough Weekend

So this weekend did not turn out so well for me. Saturday night started off with some cramping, which I thought nothing too much of until the pain began to intensify and travel upward into my stomach area. Eventually it was causing me such discomfort that I couldn’t even lie down. I had to sleep sitting up for basically the entire night. And Sunday was no better. The pain lasted all day, varying in intensity throughout the day. I slept on and off for most of it, then by 6:30 eventually headed to emergency because I had tried everything I could think of and yet nothing was making it better.
Unsurprisingly, I did not get called in to see a doctor until midnight. They could not figure out what was wrong with me as the tests they did came out normal and none of the symptoms I had really matched any particular problem they could think of. They gave me a two week prescription for Zantac and told me to keep a tracking of the pain.
Today I am feeling mostly fine so I’m hoping the pain won’t come back. I’ll be taking the Zantac anyway, and hopefully it was just one of the bizarre mysteries that my body likes to throw at me.

Because of this storm of a weekend, my eating isn’t exactly trackable. The entire day yesterday I ate a bit of chicken noodle soup, some jello, some unsweetened applesauce, some soda crackers and a piece of rye toast. None of which improved the pain. I had no appetite at all.

I woke up today though starving. So I finished off the last of the chicken noodle soup I had with a half piece of rye. Then I had some more jello. Then I had some dry Guardian cereal. Then half a banana with some peanut butter. Holy too much food. But whatever, I needed the replenishment. And I still feel hungry. So I will probably go find something ELSE to eat shortly. Ah fun times…


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