Speedy Week

It’s finally Friday which means the end of the week is here. And did it ever come fast, this week feels like it just FLEW by.
I managed to get a few meal pictures today! Not all of them of course, and definitely not nearly of everything that entered my mouth today, but I’m remembering to grab the camera a little more often. Itty bitty steps at a time!

Breakfast today was a bowl of reduced sugar maple instant oatmeal. I’ve had the packets in the cupboard for a while now and decided today felt like a good day to have one. I also threw in about 15g of regular oats to bulk it up and add in a bit of chewiness. Topped the whole thing with a few slices of frozen banana and some vanilla yogurt. It was quite tasty and hit the spot well.


Lunch was not photographed as I was at school and it wasn’t much of an “official” lunch. It ended up being more like random snacking throughout the afternoon. The planned snacks included a Kashi bar (which I must say I was incredibly disappointed with. I was expecting it to taste and satisfy much better than it did. Won’t be buying those again) and a small apple. Non planned snacks included, among other things, mushrooms and spinach, cottage cheese, and fresh bread. Today we bought groceries and that had to include fresh bread (not by my choice) which I have great difficulty resisting, so I had a few too many bites of that.

Dinner was delicious. I don’t eat sandwiches very often, who knows why, but I decided to have one today and it didn’t disappoint. I had it on one large slice of rye with 1 tbsp of the greatest store bought roasted garlic hummus(We decided to try a new brand today, don’t remember the name of it, but boy was it good. We’ll be buying it again for sure.), spinach, red pepper, a slice of tomato, and sundried tomatoes plus a little dijonnaise. Mmm.
I also had a small bowl of shredded cabbage with a splash of sweet onion dressing and some of the most amazing greek feta you will ever taste. We get it from a little delicatessan of sorts, and I’ve never been able to find a feta more delicious and creamy and flavourful anywhere else. I try to avoid having it around too often because I just can’t help but overeat it.


Ultimately today’s eating could have been better. There was much too much snacking going on and too many carbs. I also ate a bunch of chocolate chips out of some stale muffins that I made the other day that were headed towards the trash. Yes, I did tear them apart and eat only the chocolate chips. No, I don’t feel as though it was one of my proudest moments. But alas, I am a female and there are certain times when I have undying needs for sweets. This was one of those times. And it’s a Friday. I like to be just a little lax on Fridays. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more structured.


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