Repetitive Start

So my morning began simiarly to yesterday’s, with some candy and sweet munching. Not to the same extreme as yesterday though, thankfully. We have a lot of sweets sitting around in our house right now from my various baking attempts plus some random bought treats, so clearly I’m having trouble resisting.

For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with banana and yogurt. Healthy enough except for the three Misty Mints I decided to add in for their melty goodness. Honestly though, they weren’t even worth having in there, not as tasty as I was hoping. If I’m going to go to that kind of extreme, next time I’ll just throw in a couple Hershey Kisses instead. Meh.  (No pictures from this meal)

Lunch was a salad as per usual, along with a small bowl of some new kind of strawberry Special K cereal with a bit of yogurt.


Dinner was scrambled egg whites with salsa, spinach and a half slice of Kraft fat free Singles on half a whole wheat english muffin. It doesn’t look that appetizing but it was so good. I also had a small salad with a bit of light cucumber dressing.


Dessert was a bowl of pumpkin with vanilla yogurt and cinnamon, about a tbsp of tropical trail mix and a sprinkling of Fiber One. Filled up the last of my hunger and sweet craving just right.



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