The Downfall

So my sushi dinner actually ended up being thai food instead, which was a problem since I am unfamiliar with the food and therefore had no idea which dishes would be more appropriate picks. There seems to be plenty of vegetable options but everything sounded so similar and I was so clueless. So I ended up ordering vegetables on vermicelli. Not the best decision – a big bowl of noodles in an oily sauce with veg. And I ate most of it. Crap. AND I decided to order a bubble tea just because it was on the menu and looked appealing. What was I thinking?

On TOP of that, my friend wanted to go to this cafe next door after for drinks while we waited to hear from her friend, whose house we were going to be heading to next, so while I ordered a plain peppermint tea, she got a hot chocolate along with a slice of cherry cheesecake, so I inevitably had to have a few bites.

THEN, once at the friend’s house, there ended up being a giant stash of chocolate-based Bulk Barn goods that were pulled out and consumed beyond all reasonable thinking. Once I get started with the sweets they set off this giant trigger and I can’t stop myself. I was SO frustrated with my lack of good decision making.

So after THAT crap day I told myself I would have to be really good today. Did that happen? No. And it’s not even lunchtime yet. I haven’t been able to stop rummaging for anything remotely sweet, whether yogurt, cereal, bites of cookie or spoons of hot chocolate powder. I disgust myself. I don’t know why I am so out of control these past couple days. I think it might have something to do with a little bit of early pms… I seem to get some crazy sugar/chocolate cravings during these lovely times. Let’s hope I can practice some intense restriction for the rest of the week?


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