An Overdue Summary

So I definitely missed out on several picture taking bouts over several days. But I did manage to remember to snap pics of a few of my eating ventures. I’m slowly improving!

Starting off with a couple from yesterday:
For my midmorning snack I decided to finish off the last piece of eggplant parmesan from a couple nights ago. I melted some light old cheddar on top but it really didn’t contribute much flavour so wasn’t really worth the added calories.


I also had a vegetable fresh spring roll from our grocery trip Sunday. I used a tiny bit of the Goma dressing. SO good. Probably quite caloric though. Hence the very small amount used. Mmm.

And today’s pics:
For a midmorning snack I decided to have an orange. It was quite tasty. Eating oranges always makes me feel so fresh, especially with this darn cold I have. Gotta love that good ol’ Vitamin C.

I also had some pumpkin mixed with cherry yogurt, cinnamon and a few nuts and dried fruit. Pumpkin and yogurt is SUCH a good combo. Ate half before remembering to snap a picture!

After finding out my hair appointment was cancelled, I decided that with my extra time, instead of being a diligent student and doing some studying like I should, I would make muffins instead. I made chocolate chip muffins out of Deceptively Delicious. The hidden ingredient was pureed dates. They turned out alright but not as sweet as I would have liked, slightly on the bland side. I also overcooked them about since I couldn’t hear the oven beeping at me from upstairs. Crap. I hope my family will like them enough to eat them… I kind of doubt it though. They only seem to enjoy unhealthy sweets. Anytime I try to make any goodie remotely healthy they automatically dismiss it. The freezer can’t hold many more batches of healthy goods…

And for lunch I had my classic bowl of cut up veggies, this time with 1/4 cup of FF cottage cheese. I should have eaten it separately though, it got lost in the yumminess of the veg bowl and I couldn’t really taste it. I also had an ounce of chicken heated with salsa and sour cream on top. Very small amount, only came to a few bites, but quite tasty.

Will be going out for sushi dinner tonight! I’ll most likely order a california roll and some edamame but we’ll see if I decide to switch it up at all. I wonder be providing any visuals. Not quite comfortable enough to bring a camera into a restaurant yet… eep!


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