First Visuals

So I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and try out the whole ‘take a picture of the foods you eat’ thing. I’m going to jump into it slowly, probably not taking pictures everyday and probably only taking them in the most convenient of locations (aka meals at home – but the majority of what I eat is at home anyway), at least to start of.

I only decided to do this in the afternoon so the breakfast picture is nonexistant, but for breakfast I decided to do something a little different today and have a poached egg on rye. If I ever have eggs for breakfast they are Egg Beaters, so this was quite the change for me. And I must admit, it was kind of a fail. It tasted decent and all, but I’d hardly call the egg poached. I’ve never poached an egg before so was going into it quite blindy and it turned into more of a runny all-over-the-place mess than anything, but ah well, I still enjoyed it. I had it with a teeny bit of ketchup and an orange on the side. And of course a cup of tea along with that. I drink a lot of tea. This morning’s cup was mint green tea.

For a between breakie and lunch tide-me-over, I had a green tea smoothie that I saw a recipe for on the internet.

It was made with a cup of chilled blueberry green tea, ice, a small frozen banana, a splash of orange juice, a few strawberries and some Splenda and vanilla. It turned out quite nice and felt lovely on my slightly sore and tickly throat. I love colds… sigh.

For lunch I had my usual, a big bowl full of chopped vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, baby tomatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms and shredded cabbage) with some homemade dressing. The dressing was made from fat free sour cream with french onion powder, a little bit of homemade hummus, dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar all mixed together.
I also had one piece of sushi on the side – California roll. Ripped off half of the rice because it was kind of dry.
And of course, another cup of tea.

In the process of making lunch I had one tiny bit of white bread with some rip avocado spread on top. Literally the equivalent of one bit. I just can’t resist a fresh white bread loaf.

Now we’ll see if I get around to posting a dinner picture or not tonight. I have no idea what dinner will even be yet. Hm..


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