An Enlightening Discovery

My first post brings a tidbit of excitement.
I suppose I should introduce with some statistics since this is, and while remain throughout this here journey of mine, a weight loss blog.
weight: 150
Now for the news. My mother went to the doctor’s today and going in thinking she weight 152, she was pleased to discover that according to the top of the line doctor’s scale she was only 147. Now what does that mean for our 10+ year old digital scale? That it is five lbs off. Which means that my 150 should actually be 145. Which means I am just on the cuspe of acceptable weight for my height according to bmi. Which makes me a happy camper.
Now for a little quick bit of my weight history.
I was relatively active as a younger child, I did soccer, swimming, skating, and gymnastics all between the ages of 6-8, and I continued swimming until nearly 10. I also briefly did judo but that didn’t last long. After quitting swimming, my only form of exercise was playing outside and gym class. Which just didn’t cut it with a slow metabolism, weight issues on both sides of my family, and my eating habits. I quite swimming in grade 4 and in grade 5 I was noticeably bigger. The playing outside slowly dwindled to nothing by that age, and with a brief gym class a couple times a week, that wasn’t nearly enough. My weight stayed relatively consistent in accordance to my growing throughout the end of elementary and junior high. Once I hit high school I had gym everyday for an hour first semester and that helped. I noticed a bit of fat loss in my legs, but I never weighed myself at that point so I’m not even sure how much I weighed or if I lost any. Anyway, after first semester ended, so did my last chance for exercise. I did absolutely no other form. No sports, no walking outside, nothing. And with that loss of exercise came another weight gain. Grade 10 I ballooned. I mean, I was already a big girl, but this brought my weight up to the low 160s. Although it might have only been high 150s since my scale is wrong. Regardless, I was extremely self concious and hated myself and especially my body. (I still am very self concious now, but that is slowly diminishing in severity) Even though I hated being fat, I did nothing about it. I actually didn’t even think to do anything about it. Exercising and eating right weren’t really on my list of priorities, so I didn’t even bother trying. It wasn’t until grade 11 (2005) that I really decided that that was it. I was going to change this. And I started my journey.
The weight loss journey began in small steps, with cutting back portions, stopping eating lunch (okay, not such a good way to go about it, but I was desperate), and of course, beginning to exercise. I started out jumping on my mini trampoline. This actually started towards the end of grade 10, but I wasn’t very serious about it. I could hardly jump three minutes (the length of a song), without wanting to collapse from exhaustion. It was tough. I eventually stopped that altogether for awhile. Then for my birthday march 2005 I received my first Taebo DVD par request, Cardio Circuit Workout 1.

35 minutes. I couldn’t even get through it all the beginning. But I kept trying. I would do it probably once a week or so, maybe slightly more often. Eventually I could do the whole thing. And I was thrilled with myself. After a while of Taebo I tried the trampoline again and guess what? Piece of cake. I could jump to the length of a whole cd while singing along without breaks. And by the end of that I was hardly tired. It was great. By the beginning of summer vacation I was down to 152 on my scale and was proud. But by the end of the summer I was back up to 158. I guess that weight loss was just water weight etc that I most of back on. I didn’t really sweat it though. By November I was completely fed up with myself and started doing my Taebo dvd everday. Also to prove my dad wrong because I asked him if I could get the Taebo Boot Camp Boxed Set at Costco and he said I wouldn’t use it. Psh, don’t tell me what I will and will not do. Anyway, so I started doing Taebo everday and the results came. My mom and dad kept telling me the could definately see the weight coming off. Soon enough I was staying around 154-156. I hit a few plateau’s, but I think now, five months later, I am doing okay and I think my most recent plateau is finally coming to an end as I saw 149 on my scale yesterday for the first time in who knows how long.
I’ve had not only family members tell me that I have lost weight, but even a girl who I haven’t talked to in a long time and am kind of friends with tell me I’ve lost a lot of weight. I haven’t really lost THAT much, but I guess i’ve lost more fat and gained more muscle so maybe I look like I’ve lost more than I have. I was especially shocked about this girl telling me I’ve lost a lot of weight because usually people at school don’t say those kinds of things, at least not to your face. It’s really nice when people notice heh.
Alright so I definately think I have written enough for now and that gives a rough outline of what’s been happening so far. I will try to update with more progress and whatnot as soon as I can.


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